Meduim/Large Saddle Bag

Gidgee Smith bags makes a wide range of pvc gear and saddle bags to suit your saddle or motor bike.

Our large saddle bags will carry any size saddle and are also great for lighter items like blankets and camping gear. they come in several different sizes and can either open up like a chest or have a zip down the center top of the bag.  They are all sewn double inside and can be made in your choice of colours and be personalised with names or logo's. 

Horse saddle bags come in two different kinds, one to hold and protect your saddle and the other is a saddle bag that actually sits on the front or the back of the saddle.  We made and sell both kinds. 
the motor bike saddle bags that we make from pvc canvas are designed to go on the front or the back on the motor bike.  They come in either a small size which will fit on the handle bars or the seat of the bike or come in a double set which are designed for mustering motor bikes that hang either side on the back of the bike.  Both styles of pvc canvas motorbike saddle bags are designed to carry water bottle or first aid kits, tools, jumpers, and plyers extra.  
All of our motorbike pvc saddle bags are double sewn on the outside and triple sewn on the inside.  The pockets on the double bike pvc canvas bags are double layered.